Marcus Olsson
Software Creative and Educator

Hi, I'm Marcus 👋

I'm a Software Developer with over ten years of building software for data infrastructure, cloud-native applications, and computer graphics.

By perpetually learning new concepts and technologies, applying them in interesting ways, and then teaching others how to do the same, I inspire a culture of creativity and learning in the teams I join.

As a Developer Advocate at Grafana Labs, I help community members build plugins for Grafana by supporting the plugin authors of today, and creating educational content for the plugin authors of tomorrow.

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Sep 28, 2020

Beginner-friendly issues

One of the first pieces of advice that aspiring contributors get when looking to contribute to their first open source project is to search for “beginner-friendly issues”. By marking these issues as beginner-friendly, they serve as entry points for anyone who wants to get involved with the project.

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