This page lists the available options you can use to configure your panel.


The Display category contains options related to how the panel is displayed.


A Handlebars template with support for Markdown.

To use display data from your query result, enter the name of the field surrounded by double braces. For example, to display the value from the Time field, enter {{Time}}.

Grafana renders the template for every row in the query result. If a query returns multiple query results, you can select the query result you wish to display from a drop-down menu.

You can even do basic text processing using one or more helpers inside your template.

Default content#

Whenever the data source query returns an empty result, Grafana displays the template in Default content instead of Content.

This can be useful to provide users with instructions on what to do, or who to contact, when the query returns an empty result.

Even though there's no data from the data source, you can still use the available helpers.

Every row#

By default, the template configured in the Content field is rendered for each record in the result.

You can render this template only once by turning this switch off. In this case, the query results are passed in as the data field to the template.

Handlebars provides a builtin-helper to iterate over these records.