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Developer tools

This page lists tools for plugin developers. While they're not required for building plugins, they can simplify plugin development.

Obsidian Tools

Obsidian Tools is a collection of tools for plugin developers.

Download all plugins locally

If you run into a problem, it can be helpful to see how others have solved it. By downloading the entire plugin library to your computer, you can search the source code to find inspiration.

Beta testing

Before you publish your plugin, you may want to let users try it out first.

With the BRAT plugin, your beta testers can install the plugin even if it's not published yet.


To add a badge with the number of downloads for your plugin, paste the following in your README and replace <PLUGIN_ID> with your plugin id:

![Obsidian Downloads](<PLUGIN_ID>%22%5D.downloads&

For example, here's the download count for the Calendar plugin:

Obsidian Downloads


If you'd like to customize the badge, use dynamic badge with the following values:

data typejson
data url

To add a logo, add &logo=obsidian to the image URL.