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Submission guidelines

This page lists common review comments plugin authors get when submitting their plugin.

Use normalizePath() to clean up user-defined paths‚Äč

Use normalizePath() whenever you accept user-defined paths to files or folders in the vault, or when you construct your own paths in the plugin code.

normalizePath() takes a path and scrubs it to be safe for the file system and for cross-platform use. This function:

  • Cleans up the use of forward and backward slashes, such as replacing 1 or more of \ or / with a single /.
  • Removes leading and trailing forward and backward slashes.
  • Replaces any non-breaking spaces, \u00A0, with a regular space.
  • Runs the path through String.prototype.normalize.
import { normalizePath } from "obsidian";
const pathToPlugin = normalizePath(app.vault.configDir + "//plugins/my-plugin");
// pathToPlugin contains ".obsidian/plugins/my-plugin" not .obsidian//plugins/my-plugin