Marcus Olsson

Open source projects

Explore some of the open source projects I've built. If any of these projects have been useful to you, consider buying me a coffee.

Plugins for Grafana

Grafana is an open source platform for monitoring and observability that can be extended using plugins. Plugins are written in TypeScript and Go.

I aim to build plugins that are simple, functional, and user-friendly. They're intended to serve as examples of good practices for Grafana plugin development.

Extract data from your JSON API using JSON Paths.


Load CSV files into Grafana.


Define text templates using the data from your data source query.


Display your query results as calendar events.
Display tasks over time in a Gantt chart.
Display data as hexagonal tiles.
Aggregate time series by hour to analyze activity or traffic during the day.
Create static query results for prototyping dashboards and testing panels.
Compare data by area and colors.
Visualize your personal finances in Grafana.



Obsidian is a knowledge base and a tool for managing notes in Markdown format, that can also be extended through plugins and themes.

A Vale plugin for Obsidian.
An Obsidian plugin that adds pipe tricks to the Wikilink format used by Obsidian.
A minimal, dark-only theme for Obsidian.
A documentation site to help people get started with building plugins for Obsidian.


These projects are the culminations of various shower thoughts and ideas that deserved to be realized.

A command-line tool written in Go that generates Markdown from a JSON Schema.
A command-line tool written in TypeScript that generates Markdown from a TypeScript declarations file (.d.ts). I built this to generate the API reference docs for the Obsidian Plugin Development Docs.
As I discover patterns and shared components across my Grafana plugins, I extract them into this helper library.

A sample application that explores tactical design patterns from Domain-Driven Design in Go.

Featured at GolangUK 2016 and on GopherAcademy. Also one of the examples for the go-kit project.

A Go library that provides a higher-level programming model for building rich terminal applications.
An open learning platform based on Gatsby and Material UI.

I find overly colorful color schemes distracting, so I made VS Code theme with just enough syntax highlighting.

Not for everyone, and that’s ok.


Every now and then I create vector illustrations for various open source projects, mostly gophers. You can find more of my artwork on GitHub.