Marcus Olsson

Systems Engineer

Google Developer Expert

Getting started

  • Designing, building and operating distributed applications and data pipelines, using cloud technologies.
  • Learning new technologies, practices, and concepts, distilling and teaching them to others through talks, demos, and workshops.
  • Experienced speaker and trainer on topics such as cloud technologies, software architecture and development practices.


Mar 2019
Data Infrastructure Engineer (consultant)
Epidemic Sound, Stockholm

  • Establishing a team working with data infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform, to reliably provide data to the rest of the organization.
  • Designing and building a pipeline to reliably ingest YouTube API resources into BigQuery.
  • Supporting and training teams in understanding and consuming the data we provided.

Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery, App Engine, Pub/Sub, Dataflow, DataStudio), YouTube API, Python, Go

Mar 2019
Jun 2018
Reliability Engineer (consultant)
Lendo, Stockholm

  • Built a in-house cloud platform based on Kubernetes and Openstack to support the expansion to new markets without having to scale the operations team.
  • Introduced the use of Infrastructure-as-Code to reliably manage environments for new markets and automate the delivery pipeline to reliably deploy new changes to production.
  • Supported the organization in building a team focused on operating the cloud platform to improve system reliability.

Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes (kubespray), Helm, Weaveworks Flux, Consul, Docker, OpenStack, Grafana, Go

Oct 2018
Google Developer Expert

  • Contributing and supporting the developer and startup ecosystems through talks and training on cloud technologies such as Go and the Google Cloud Platform.
Jun 2018
Software Development Consultant
Citerus, Stockholm

  • Helping teams develop cloud-based applications built for reliability, scalability, and maintainability.
  • Offering training on microservice architecture, DevOps practices, and technologies like Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, and the Go programming language.
Jun 2018
Nov 2016
Data Infrastructure Engineer
Bonnier Broadcasting, Stockholm

  • Developed and operated a data warehouse for streaming video to consolidate the data used throughout the company.
  • Built and operated a streaming pipeline for user activity events, on Kubernetes.
  • Advocated the use of data within the organization, through demos and training sessions.

Go, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Python, Apache Airflow, Google Cloud Platform, Prometheus/Grafana, Travis CI

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M.Sc. in Media Technology and Engineering
Linköping University

Training and Certifications

  • AIESEC Speaker Training, Bratislava 2019
  • Distributed Computing Workshop, GopherCon Denver, 2017
  • Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals, Coursera, 2017
  • Cloud Computing Applications, Coursera, 2015
  • Cloud Computing Concepts, Coursera, 2015
  • DDD Immersion, Citerus, 2013