Marcus Olsson


Watch some of the public appearances I've made throughout the years.


Extend your Grafana experience through plugins

Getting started with dashboard design

Building your first panel plugin

Running Chaos Engineering experiments with Gremlin and Grafana

Serverless Go on Google Cloud Platform

Cloud-native deployments

  • Citerus, Stockholm 2018

Pull-based deployments

  • Citerus, Stockholm 2019
  • Google Cloud Summit, Stockholm 2018

How we started orchestrating our workflows with Apache Airflow

Drawing sticker-friendly gophers

What's coming in Go 1.8

Building an enterprise service in Go

Introduction to Go kit

The Go programming language

Fånga affären med CQRS och Event Sourcing

Utforska affären med Event Storming

Domain Driven Design in Go


Guest appearances

Creating and using plugins for k6 and Grafana