Marcus Olsson


Announcing Obsidian Projects

An Obsidian plugin for plain text project planning.
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Obsidian Open Source Productivity

How I set and track goals using Obsidian

Learn how to manage your goals in Obsidian using OKRs and periodic notes.
9 min read  · 
Obsidian Note-taking Productivity

WFH tips: Slack hacks that will make you more productive

As the work-from-home culture continues to reshape many people’s lives, the team at Grafana Labs has been sharing tips, tricks, and hacks we have learned as a remote-first company. One tool that has been vital to our internal communications and team building is Slack. If you’ve been using Slack in an office setting, you might find using Slack in a remote setting can be a new experience. Here are some of the best practices we use on Slack for seamless communication and to actually get work done.
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